The last time I packed my suitcase I was in Texas trying to imagine what I would need in Greece. I forgot leggings and a rain jacket-and thankfully acquired both prior to hiking Mount Olympus. 

Tomorrow I will put my original pile of clothes, plus the jacket and the leggings, back into my suitcase and head to Athens (with a small stop in Meteora). I will move from my apartment to someplace completely new, and start over with trying to create routines and familiar spaces. 

While I am excited to go to Athens, there are a few things I know I will regret never doing while in Thessaloniki. For example;

I never cooked in our studio apartment’s kitchenette. We had immediate access to a stove and an oven, and I never even turned them on. Granted- this means I also never had to do dishes.

I never got to hike up to the Old City and see the view.

And I never climbed to the top of the White Tower. I just admired it from the outside.

However- I did get to hike Mount Olympus with great friends, encouraging each other along the way.

Asia got tired so I carried her up the mountain.


I went on a boat tour to see the view of Thessaloniki from the water, twice.


I got to savor the delicacies of Casa Bianca.

I made 18 new friends.

I saw the royal tomb of Phillip II.

I got to interview incredible people, including a heavy metal singer.


And I experienced my own, three week version of Thessaloniki.