Today it was brought to my attention that I only have 19 days left in Greece and my heart immediately sank. Only 19 more days to finish my next two articles, wander the streets of Greece and spend late nights in tiny rooms laughing and chatting with my amazing new friends.

The last 24 hours have been nothing less than incredible. My first article was posted- so I celebrated with wine, good music and great company- and had an amazing series of interviews at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki followed by lunch with Sophie.

As we sat eating our pastry picnic in the center of town, we realized that today was a high point for the both of us ( On Ups and Downs) because we had notebooks full of quotes and a weekend to look forward to. We took up a bench in the center of town and spread our snacks out, snapping photos and probably being laughed at by the cafe goers next door.

Our three weeks here has flown by, and while I have not loved every second, I have found moments to love every single day.

I have taken a few video clips in addition to my thousands of photos, and compiled them into a small one minute video. This is more for my memory’s sake than anything else, but something I thought would be fun to share. So enjoy the copyright free, generic acoustic guitar sounds accompanying some of my favorite little moments of this trip.