Last night I decided I was tired of the cheap gyros from the Greek diner down the street so I found a restaurant a little bit further away, and brought Paxtyn and Elle with me.

6:30 p.m. is a very early time to eat dinner in Greece. We were the only ones in the restaurant besides the man and woman, presumably husband and wife, who were working.

The second we walked in it was evident that neither the man nor woman knew any English. Most of the time, restaurants here offer a separate English menu. This one did not.

Both the man and woman came to take our order multiple times before we had gathered ourselves. When he realized we would be taking a while, the man pulled out a pipe and started smoking at a table behind us while playing solitaire.

After trying to put the menu through google translate and realizing it would be no help, we decided the best course of action would be to randomly point at things from what we discerned to be the seafood portion of the menu. The man caught onto our confusion, and brought out a plate of entirely raw fish to show us what we had just attempted to order. He figured Elle didn’t actually want sardines, so he helped her choose something different. Elle ended up with squid (when she did want sardines), Paxtyn had octopus and I had shrimp in a tomato sauce.

Κρασί παρακαλώ was the only thing we all remembered from Greek class, so we made sure to order that as well.

It is very typical for restaurants here to serve dessert for free, and we were served pastries with nutella and the most delicious honeydew I have ever had. We left proud that we had survived the language barrier and ready to pay more attention in Greek class.

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