Yesterday we visited the Ktima Gerovassiliou winery and wine museum. Before touring the winery and learning the ins and outs of wine tasting, Paxtyn and I went for a walk around the property and found the most magnificent tree. The view of the Mediterranean countryside and the snowy peaks of Mount Olympus above the sparkling sea were completely irrelevant as we were completely enamored by this one tree. We found ourselves sitting under it for quite a while before rejoining the rest of our group. I even brought Asia back to the tree, so she could enjoy sitting under it as well. I didn’t bring my camera on this excursion, but I made Paxtyn take pictures of me with her camera to document the beauty.

Me, sitting under the glorious tree.
Me and Asia, under the tree.
Me, forcing Paxtyn to take pictures of me while simultaneously sniffing a flower.
Experiencing the aroma of that same flower.

After the winery, we drove to the beach. The heat made the cool water bearable, and it was incredibly relaxing minus the constant club music coming from the beach bar.

Some extraneous updates:

There are no meals provided for on this dialogue. That means I am fending for myself in terms of food. Today’s diet has included a granola bar, coffee, a piece of cake, orange juice and about four cherry tomatoes. I had the opportunity to purchase myself a real lunch instead of a piece of cake, but the cake was really calling to me and was cheaper than a sandwich. The cherry tomatoes came from a farmer’s market that happens down the street every Saturday. I also got strawberries, oranges and two free apples.

I have learned that when you are sniffing wine, you should stick your entire nose in the glass. This will make you feel incredibly fancy and look incredibly stupid.

This morning the wifi cut out at the college and my phone broke in the middle of trying to schedule a time to interview someone. I didn’t actually learn anything from this hardship it was just frustrating.

I was having trouble getting a contact in city hall and thought all was lost. Then an angel named Theo (guide, translator and Greek-knowledge extraordinaire) floated down from heaven above and set up an appointment for me with a professor at ACT who had the ability to contact the advisor to the mayor from 12:50-1. I got the message at 12:56 and ran out of class (still in session) fully frazzled with no idea which direction to run in. I made it to the office at 12:59.

The public bus drivers are on strike until they get paid, so we will have to take cabs when we need to go into town. Apparently there is another bus strike scheduled for Wednesday, so even if they get paid on Tuesday we might be taking cabs for a while.

I have an interview at 8 p.m. tonight, so I will have to pay for a cab.