Carlene Hempel must be some sort of saint.

There are 18 young people on this trip and she is in charge of us all. That’s 18 people with their own idea of where they want to go, what they want to do, and what time they want to get there. 18 individuals who run late or early or who may have forgotten something, and now the other 17 have to wait for them to run back upstairs to get it.

I don’t like waiting for people. I always want to be moving on time with a purpose and a set destination, even though that is not always a realistic expectation when traveling with a large group in a foreign country.

Last night, we went out to experience the nightlife of Greece sans Carlene for Paxtyn’s Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAXTYN). And organizationally, it could have been better.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, since I was planner for the night. I volunteered myself for this job, because I am very bossy and love being in charge. I love planning and having to be somewhere at an exact time. I love having a set schedule and hate meandering without a purpose. I feel like admitting that I am a control freak helps me remain in control of those tendencies.

The taxis didn’t end up at the right place, it took us a while to find a bar, and we never got into the first club because I didn’t know we needed a reservation.

Even under the influence of just one, extremely small, probably virgin (hello parents I am responsible) alcoholic beverage (also completely legal here), I had my ‘mom brain’ on last night and slightly panicked anytime I noticed that someone had been missing for more than three minutes. I felt as though I had to prevent anyone from getting left behind by being everywhere at once. I felt like I was playing Carlene for the night.

However, I think most of us had our mom or dad brains on. We were all looking out for each other. Even after only spending four days together, we have each others backs. There isn’t a designated mom or dad friend of the group, there are several of us (except for Danny “Daddy” Mortimer. That’s his job).

Nobody got separated from the group. We all made it home eventually. I didn’t combust because we left the apartment at 11:45 instead of 11. And we had an insanely fun night.

So thank you Carlene, for keeping us all organized during the day. I probably will not be volunteering to organize us at night again anytime soon.